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I would like to return an item/s I purchased In store but your store are closed, what should I do?2020-04-16T16:03:34+03:00

Where there are store closures we will be extending our return period to allow you to return eligible item/s once our stores have reopened.

ماذا تعني رسالة الطلب غير صالح وليس بالإمكان دفع قيمته على الرغم من أنه تم خصم مبلغ العملية من البطاقة؟2020-04-16T15:55:12+03:00

يمكنك التواصل مباشرة مع فريق الدعم على الرقم

+966 55 443 3642

ليتم معالجة الطلب في غضون 12 ساعة أو أقل

What does mean the message: invalid the order and I can’t pay for it even though the transaction amount was deducted from the card?2020-04-16T15:53:32+03:00

  You can directly contact the support team on the number

  +966 55 443 3642

  The order is processed within 12 hours or less

How can I know if the product is available online in lighting stores?2020-03-10T13:41:59+03:00

All products that contain “add to cart” button is available to buy online.

Where Can I return or exchange what I purchased by website?2020-03-10T13:41:27+03:00

You can return and replace the product at the nearest showrooms of lighting stores or you can request a return through the following link (00000).

How long is the warranty in lighting stores?2020-03-10T13:40:58+03:00

The warranty period can be found through the product page or the warranty box on the purchase invoice .

Forgot your password?2020-03-10T13:40:30+03:00

Click on Register / Log in . Click on “Forgot my password?” link. then enter you email address .

Can I buy online from lighting stores website?2020-03-10T13:39:54+03:00

Yes you can buy most of our products & will be shipped or collect from our store.

What is the minimum purchase value?2020-03-10T13:39:20+03:00

There is no minimum order value for online orders.

Is it safe to buy online?2020-03-10T13:38:55+03:00

Buying from lighting stores is secure and we are taking the utmost safety standards. As our website is protected and documented.

What are the requirements to buy from lighting stores?2020-03-10T13:38:28+03:00

Customer must create an account in Must have Credit card or MADA card Shipping Address must be clear & correct. It is better to use national address

Are all products available online?2020-03-10T13:37:55+03:00

No, lots of products are available online. We are working to make them all available. Also you the website allows you to check availability in Showrooms.

Can I pay using prepaid credit card?2020-03-10T13:37:17+03:00

Yes you can use prepaid credit card (Visa and Master Card)

Is Cash on Delivery available?2020-03-10T13:36:40+03:00

Yes, Cash on Delivery is now available on some orders with maximum order amount limit of SR4000.

Can I pay using Purchasing Cards (Cashio, OneCard… etc)?2020-03-10T13:35:45+03:00

The service is not available at this time.

Can I pay using reward programs partners (QITAF, My Reward Points,HASSAD and TEDALLAL… etc)?2020-03-10T13:34:42+03:00

The service is not available at this time.

Do you deduct amount directly from credit card when order is confirmed?2020-03-10T13:34:16+03:00

The amount will be booked initially when you buy and will be deducted when your order is ready for shipment and then a message will be shown online and sent to email.

What is lighting stores delivery company?2020-03-10T13:33:39+03:00

We deliver through the following companies: SMSA . NAQEL . DHL .

How long does it take to deliver online orders?2020-03-10T13:32:13+03:00

We deliver within 2-4 working days from purchase date & 10 working day maximum inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How much does it take for delivery company to pick up the product?2020-03-10T13:31:46+03:00

It takes one working day & 3 days maximum

How much does shipping & delivery cost?2020-03-10T13:31:19+03:00

It’s free for all city that does not have a lighting stores branch and 42 SAR for the cities that have a lighting stores branch

Can you ship to any city?2020-03-10T13:27:29+03:00

Yes, currently we ship to more than 150 cities & villages inside Saudi Arabia. Which is showing when selecting shipping address

Is it possible to collect more than one order in one shipment?2020-03-10T13:27:05+03:00

No, each order is shipped separately with individual invoice & tracking number.
Due to the size of some products, one order can be shipped in more than one package but all packages will have one order tracking number.

Can I edit my shipping address after order confirmation?2020-03-10T13:26:36+03:00

Yes, you can (for orders that not yet to be picked up by delivery company) If order status didn’t reach “Ready to ship”, call our unified contact No (000000)

Can I track my order & know my order status?2020-03-10T13:23:57+03:00

Yes you can by doing the following: Log in to your account in lighting stores When Your Order Page appears”, select the order to know the status. Order Page will show all detailed information you need. We are more than happy to help you with our unified contact No 000000).

Can I cancel an online order from lighting stores?2020-03-10T12:21:13+03:00

Yes you can cancel your order if it is still in “under preparing”
Cancellation is no longer allowed after this stage

Can I cancel part of my order?2020-03-10T12:20:33+03:00

Yes, you can’t cancel your order through website, but you can do it by calling our unified contact No 00966501110267

How can I know my order status?2020-03-10T12:20:07+03:00

By clicking your order page in the link below

How to refund money if the order was cancelled from technical reasons?2020-03-10T12:19:44+03:00

In case order was cancelled from technical reasons:
Amount has not been deducted. It has been only blocked & will be released (unblocked) by the bank within 3-7 days.

What are the steps to cancel an order?2020-03-10T12:19:18+03:00

By clicking your order page in the link below, Select the order you want to cancel (but make sure that order status is under preparing)

What is the duration of your Returns and Exchange for online orders?2020-03-10T12:13:52+03:00

Duration depends on the date of receiving the order & you must have the invoice that arrived with the shipment.

What to do in case I received a different order from the one I ordered?2020-03-10T12:14:08+03:00

First, we apologize for the inconvenience & do not worry.
According to lighting stores Returns & Exchange policy, you can return or exchange the item within 10 days after receiving.
The product must be in the same original condition & with the original packaging.

How long does it take to process my return through shipping company?2020-03-10T12:14:37+03:00

After receiving the shipment and making sure product is fine, a return request will be sent to the bank within (maximum 4 working days)
Regarding the refund, it’s based on your bank transactions and will be according to the type of credit card in a maximum of 45 .

Will I get back my money in case shipping company returned my product?2020-03-10T13:06:55+03:00

Money will be returned after deducting the applicable charges. And you will be free of charges if the product is contrary to what has been declared the website OR there was a manufacturing defect. Please Visit the Maintenance Policy page 000000

What are the warranty policies and policies for products purchased by the website?2020-03-10T13:23:12+03:00

All products are subject to warranty policies and to benefit from warranty services. Please keep the sealed purchase invoice which arrived with the shipment to match the serial number of the product and to ensure that the warranty period is in effect. If there is a product that needs maintenance, please visit your nearest branch or if you received the shipment from delivery company Please visit the Maintenance Policy page (000000000000).

What is the mean of VAT?2020-03-10T13:06:06+03:00

As of the start of 2018 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has started imposing VAT – Value Added Tax – on all goods and services.
Out of our appreciation to our customers, we in Lighting Stores have decided to cover the extra costs imposed by the VAT instead of our customers, leaving our prices unchanged even after adding the new tax.

What are the terms and conditions of Cash on Delivery Service?2020-03-10T13:07:38+03:00

Available as a payment method on some orders with maximum order amount limit of SR4000. Additional Cash on Delivery service fees of 26 SAR* will be charged and added to your order amount when choosing Cash on Delivery service regardless of the number of items contained in your order. In case order is not picked up by customer upon delivery, regardless of the reason, lighting stores reserves the right to not provide this payment method to the customer for future orders. In case of returns and order refunds, Return and Exchange Policy still applies with the addition of the following condition: For Cash on Delivery orders, the order items’ amount only will be refunded to the customer’s account as Store Credit on lighting stores * Inclusive of VAT.

How do I create an account on lighting stores website?2020-03-10T13:06:24+03:00

You can create an account in lighting stores by following the steps below: Go to Register/log in page Click on “Register” Fill in the required fields Click register A confirmation of registration email will be sent.

Why is the shipping company is calling me?2020-03-10T12:16:06+03:00

Yes, by login and then go to Account Information Page contained in “My account” link .

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