Lighting stores are always keen to provide the best after-sales services to their customers from maintenance and supply of spare parts and ensure the quality of manufacture in line with the provisions of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
If you have a product that needs maintenance please fill out the following form
The terms and conditions provided in the copy of the service contract submitted to the customer at the time of purchase shall apply.
General Provisions:
  • The warranty period starts from the date of purchase from the lighting stores and the blogger on the invoice. In order to benefit from the after sales service, the customer must keep the original purchase order and submit it at the request of maintenance.
  • If the parts are designed specifically for the consumer or have special technical specifications, it is agreed with the consumer on the time of their provision separately ..
  • The life span of each item varies, and you can refer to the product manual to determine the life span of the item that the consumer wants to buy.
  • Lighting stores will be pleased to receive any comments or complaints by calling toll free 00000000 or communicating with one of our exhibitions.
General exclusions not covered by manufacturer's warranty:
  • Defects or malfunctions caused by misuse of the consumer, failure to comply with usage instructions, negligence, accidents, sabotage, maintenance that does not comply with product recommendations, or negligence in maintenance.
  • If serial numbers are tampered with or changed.
  • Disadvantages of paint, scratches and problems due to inaccuracy of unlicensed installations from the factory.