Replacement And Retrieval Policy

In order to serve you and provide the best shopping experience, please note the policy of lighting stores for replacement and retrieval on the Internet:
If you are dissatisfied with the products or the product was defective, you can fill in the form to return the product to the lighting stores.
 You must contact us to request a refund of a product you purchased from the website and not received on the number (00000) to make sure the goods have not yet been shipped
If the goods was shipped, applicable charges will apply.
In the order of return due to defect of manufacturing in the product, damage upon delivery or delivery of wrong product, the customer will not pay the applicable charges. If for other reasons (for example, the customer wants to change the product or change his opinion) the applicable charges will apply.
The product must be in its original packaging with the full range of accessories and user manual. We do not accept return of damaged products as a result of misuse or failure due to faulty power connection. In our estimation, we may consider the returned product not to meet the above criteria.
Product Return Method:
  • If you receive your product by courier service, you must fill out the following form (000000000000).
  • If you have collected your product from one of our stores you should check out the same store.
After we retrieve the product we will check the product for replacement or refund. After being checked by our technicians and making sure that the product meets the packaging requirements and the full existence of the check and verification of the technical products will be obtained approval / refusal of the maintenance manager for the order of replacement or refund.
The replaced product will be shipment / delivery
 We will not replace a product with a different model unless the original product is not available in the store. In such circumstances we will ask your consent before processing.
In case of refund, the product will be charged at the current product price after deducting any required fees.
If the product is returned due to a defect in the product or a defect from the manufacturer or as a result of damage during the delivery of the product or because of the incorrect product delivered, the charges will not be charged. In case of return for other reasons, (customer need to change the product or change customer's desire in general) the applicable charges will apply.
Refunds will be made from the lighting stores to the client account by bank transfer with compliance with the above conditions.
Charges: The amount deducted from the value of the invoice for processing, loading and transporting the goods, which is 30 SAR or 10% of the value of the bill, whichever is higher.