New Arrival! LED Decorative Filament Lamps

Attractive Glow- Modern and Vintage Style!
The innovative and decorative filament LED bulbs collection from Illus adds a magical touch to every space. The LED filament lamps are superior in design compared to the traditional lamps since the LED decorative lamps feature an innovative lighting technology using LED light which makes the lamp last longer and allows customers to save energy without compromising on the light quality or ambiance with a high CRI & 90 color standard. It creates a calm and relaxing ambiance, as it comes in a warm color temperature and a flicker free technology. In addition to its distinctiveness, it is available in two attractive body colors: golden and smokey which makes it a distinct feature to its interior design even when it is turned off. It is available in multiple shapes, sizes and various filament designs (spiral, wave and spiral) to suit and meet your design needs. It is easy to install and ideal for decorative purposes in homes, hotels, restaurants and cafes.
Now available in all Lighting Stores showrooms
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