PAGURO Waterproof Connector Mini

Note: This product is not including a wire cable , You can select and buy one of the wire cable sources listed below.

44.85 SARInc. Vat

Product Code: 211035


44.85 SAR

IP 68

Voltage / Current 250V / 10A

Number of ways 2Ways-U-Shape

Compatible With inner:3*1.5mm outer:8~10mm



Made in italy

IP 68 connector (for waterproof connections) based on two-component silicone GEL, factory-filled and therefore ready to use. Waste-free, easy and practical to use. Reliability guaranteed.

Product Specifications:

• Connection up to 2 ways

• Connection for cables up to 2 poles

• Connector suggested for cables with section up to 4 x 1 sqmm  or up to 6 x 0,5 sqmm

• Minimum and maximum outside diameter of cables 8 – 10 mm

• Cable anchorage (cable clamp)

• Electrical specifications 12-24V

• Terminals/Internal terminal blocks supplied (4 x 2,5 sqmm) plus wires guide

• Packing carton box 18 x 11 x 9,5 mm and weight 250 gr.

• 10 pieces per box (each one individually packaged with its components) in sealed plastic bags

User Manual
Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual

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